• The Contestando revolution starts. A revolution to try to equalize citizens conditions compared to colonel’s conditions

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  • The Contestado Revolution heats up, involving modern war weapons, and telegraphs and telephones. This was the most modernized conflict in Brazilian history.

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  • Though neutral, Brazil’s people picked sides. In 1915 Brazilian League for the Allies was formed.

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  • The Contestado revolution ended.

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  • Ship Parana was sunk off coast of France. This prompted Brazil to declare war.

  • German foreign minister was dismissed. Many Brazilians were feeling very anti-German

  • Brazil announced that it was no longer a neutral nation and the Allies proceeded to guard Brazil’s trade ships with warships.

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  • Brazil created an amendment in their constitution which allowed them to declare war on Germany.

  • The armistice was signed before the Brazilian army could make an appearance on the front, though several Brazilian soldiers did fight in the war.

  • With the signing of the Treaty of Versailles, Brazil gained a seat on League of Nations.