World's Largest Recorded Earthquake

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  • North America

    North America
    A quake affecting 1,000 kilometres of coastline.
  • Chile 8.7 Magnitude

    Chile 8.7 Magnitude
    A quake that hit the city of Valparaiso.
  • Portugal 8.7 Magnitude

    Portugal 8.7 Magnitude
    It happened at the Capital of Lisbon and about quarter of the population perished.
  • Peru 9.0 Magnitude

    Peru 9.0 Magnitude
    A quake felt up to 1,400 kilometres away.
  • Ecuador 8.8 Magnitude

    Ecuador 8.8 Magnitude
    A quake in the coast of Ecuador and Colombia
  • Russia 9.0 Magnitude

    Russia 9.0 Magnitude
    A quake in Russia's far east that cause a tsunami.
  • Chile 9.5 Magnitude

    Chile 9.5 Magnitude
    The largest eartquake recorded. It killed more than 1,600 people and left 2,000,000 homeless.
  • Alaska,United States 9.2 Magnitude

    Alaska,United States 9.2 Magnitude
    A quake and tsunami that killed 128 people.
  • Alaska 8.7 Magnitude

    Alaska 8.7 Magnitude
    A quake with a 10-meter high tsunami.
  • Indonesia 9.1 Magnitude

    Indonesia 9.1 Magnitude
    An undersea quake that cause a big tsunami and killed 220,00 people.
  • Chilean coast 8.8 Magnitude

    Chilean coast  8.8 Magnitude
    A quake with a tsunami that killed more than 500 people.
  • Japan 8.9 Magnitude

    Japan 8.9 Magnitude
    A quake with a 10-meter high tsunami.
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