Warriors Don't Cry by Melba Pattillo Beals.

  • Period: to

    Melba at little rock central High School

  • What happened to Melba

    Melba almost got raped by white person near to the home.
  • Melba 1st of the school

    when Melba and her mom went to the school the students of Little Rock Hs they stand in front of the school and block the door becasue they didn't want let them in.
  • Soldiers came

    About fifty soldiers came in the Little Rock High School to protect them from the white people.
  • Melba got a body gurd from president

    President send body gurd for protect the melba and she feel with well with that.
  • Accused Governer Fabus of Arkansas

    FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover accused Govenor Faubus of Arkansas of disseminating falsehoods by saying FBI agents held teenagers incommunicado for hours of questioning.
  • Guard takes over at school

    Melba go back to the school with soldires.
  • stay away from the school

    At that day Melba was sick and she didn't went to the school and stay in the home with her family.
  • Metting with her mother.

    Mrs. Huckaby wanted to her mother come to the school and met with Melba's mother. Melba worry about that what Mrs going to tell her mother.
  • U.S Officials drop plans to prosecute agitators at school.

    The 9 taken to basement garage, terrified driver got them safely home because mob was preoccupied beating black, then white reporters. Armed mob invaded school even after they confirmed Negroes no longer present. Melba dictated impromptu article to Assoc Press reporter over phone.
  • prepared herself to speak.

    That day morning Melba prepared herself to speak to 250 students. she worry because she didn't know that how she going to start the speech
  • Little rock 9 begin 12th week at CHS with no incidents

    larger mob, Ike signed historical proclamation authorizing use of federal troops to quash violence. Faubus said Ike couldn’t send federal troops unless he, as governor, requested them.
  • Little Rock nine of who dared

    That day newspaper wrote a articles nd profiles on the nine of little rock. The articles gave specific information about their hobbies , homes, backgrounds and aspirations.
  • Before the Christmas Holidays.

    Melba waiting for Christmas holiday she hope that she have a lot of fun in party.
  • At cafeteria

    Befor of go to the Christmas vacation she in the cafeteria having lunch alone in safty place.
  • dumping the chili over the white boys heads.

    Minnijean got suspension because of dumping the chili over the white boys heads.
  • Little rock story on AP's best list

    The stories ranged from number one the launching of sputnik to presidnet Eisenhower's stroke and the passage of the Civil Rights bill.
  • Minnijean back

    Minnijean came to the school with her parents and she allowed to return to the school from monday january 13.
  • They bother you everytime.

    In that day article that followed Minnijean explained the pressure she had been under at school . she said that some of the studenst throw rocks they spill ink on her clothes and they call them nigger.
  • Valentine's Day

    On Valentine's Day it snowed that afternoon as they stood in the snow waiting for their ride and they were attacked with snowballs filled with rocks.
  • Got a scholarship

    National NAACP officials arranged for minnijean to have a scholarship to a famous private New York High school call New Lincoln.
  • Andy jumping on Melba

    At lunch in the careteria Andy beginning to frighten with her.
  • Never let him to see me cry.

    she spit up blood in the rest room and she felt as though someone had stuck a hot poker through her back into her insides. she saw several times during the afternood but she never let andy to see her crying and even thogh she didn't report if to anybody.
  • That made them feel like people are supporing them.

    The AME churches gave them 8 bables with their engraved on them during afternoon services and that make them felt like somebody supporing them .
  • School board's petition.

    The Little Rock School Board petition asking for a postponement of intergration for public schools.
  • One On Honor Roll.

    Central High School negroes pass one on honor roll principal matihewas says he will not reveal grades but confirms green will graduate. But the white students of Central Rock HS they don't let no black students wear their cap and gown.
  • Ernie got her diploma.

    Ernie became the first of their people to graduate from Central High School in all its fortynine years.
  • In Chicago

    The eight of them had flown off to chicago to receive the Robert S Abbot Award fonferred by the Chicago Defender Newspaper.
  • Integration was unraveling

    Federal Judge Lemley granted the school boards request for a stay in the intergration oder for Central High school delaying it for three and half years.
  • Won their court battle

    They had won their court battle. They prepared to reenter Central High but governor Faubus had the last word the closed all of Little Rock's HS so they began the school year waiting for the law of the land to blast Mr faubus out of his stubborn trench.
  • Felt alone

    She was alone at home waiting to start her life and live her teenage years and waited as long as they could for Faubus to open the schools.