Biggest Earthquakes around te World

By suttoje
  • North America : 9.0

    This big eathquake caused a Tsunami to ruin the Coast of Japan.
  • Chile : 8.7

    This earthquake caused a Tsunami which was letal on the coast. It hit the city Valparaiso.
  • Portugal : 8.7

    It hit the Capital Lisbon. Most people were in Church at the time. A quarter of the cities population died.
  • Peru , 9.0

    This hit the port of Arica, now part of Chile. It hit a very big area.
  • Ecuador , 8.8

    It hit Ecuador but was felt all the way in San Francisco
  • Russia : 9.0

    This earthquake hit on the far east coast causing tsunami
  • Chile : 9.5

    This earthquake was devistating killing more than 1,600 people and leaving 2,000,000 homeless.
  • Alaska, USA : 9.2

    Killed 128 and caused bad damage
  • Alaska : 8.7

    Hit an island and it was told that a 10 meter tsunami wave hit the coast land
  • Indonesia : 9.1

    A massive tsunami hit the Indonesian coast and killed 220,000 people
  • Chile : 8.8

    This earthquake hit in the water so a tsunami hit killing 500 people.
  • Japan : 8.9

    An undersea quake off northeast Japan unleashed a 10 metre
    tsunami which destroyed a lot of the coastline and left lots of people without houses to go home to