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Worlds largest Earthquakes

By abernka
  • North America 9.0

    The North American earthquake was 1,000 kilometres of the coastline and created a tsunami which crossed through the Pacific Ocean damaging villages that were built on the coast of Japan with its huge waves.
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  • Chile 8.7

    Chile 8.7
    The Chile quake was hit 120kms northwest of the capital Sanitago in a city called Valparasio. This quake caued a tsunami which hit more than 1,000 kms of coastline.
  • Portugal 8.7

    Portugal 8.7
    The Portugal earthquake struck its capital Lisbon and at the time of the day many of the residents werein church. After this horrific quake a quarter of the citys population died.
  • Peru 9.0

    Peru 9.0
    The strenght was so strong it was felt up to 1,400 km away.The quake hit port of Arica, that is now part of Chile.
  • Ecuador 8.8

    Ecuador 8.8
    The Ecuador earthquake was centered off the coast of Ecuador and Colombia. This quake was so big it was even felt as far away as San Francisco.
  • Russia 9.0

    Russia 9.0
    The Russian 9.0 quake was off the coastline of the remote Kamchatja peninsula in Russia's far east. Causing Pacific-wide tsunami.
  • Chile 9.5

    Chile 9.5
    The Chilean quake was the biggest earthquake ever to be recorded. This quake was off the coast of sourthern Chile killing more than 1,600 people and leaving 2,000,000 homeless.
  • Alaska, United States 9.2

    Alaska, United States 9.2
    The Alaska and United States quake and tsnuami killed 128 people and caused major damage to the states biggest city Anchorage.
  • Alaska 8.7

    Alaska 8.7
    The Alaskan quake was centered away from everything in the Rat Islands. The quake generated a tsunami which was reported to be 10 metres high.
  • Indonesia 9.1

    Indonesia 9.1
    The Indonesian quake was centered under the sea and created a massive tsunami and detroyed costlines in countries in the area of the Indian Ocean. Taking more than 220,000 peoples lives.
  • Chilean 8.8

    Chilean 8.8
    The Chilean off the coast of Chilie which created a tsunami killing more than 500 people. Most of the people that died were in the coastal areas of Maule. Which is 400 kilometres soult-west of the capital Santiago.
  • Japan 8.9

    Japan 8.9
    The Japan earthquake was centered under the sea off the northeast of Japan. This quake make 10 meter-high tsunami sweeping everything in its way with it and killing thousands.