Shaq's Timeline

  • John Adams

    He won the 1797 Presidential Election
  • Louisiana Purchase-Thomas Jefferson

    Expanded America. Enabled us to take Florida
  • Louis and Clark Expedition

    Louis and Clark discovering the western territory. Sent by Thomas Jefferson.
  • James Madisan Election

    Winner of the Presidential Election of 1808
  • War of 1812

    Also known as "Madison's War"
  • The Missouri Compromise

    admitting Missouri as a slave state and Maine as a free state. Maine immediately gives right to vote and education to all male citizens. The compromise also prohibited slavery in the remainder of the Louisiana Purchase north of 36°30'N lat. (southern boundary of Missouri).
  • Erie Canal Completion

    major transportation achievement which made New York and New York City ascend commercially.
  • Election of Andrew Jackson

    Winner of the election of 1828
  • Nat Turner

    a Baptist slave preacher, leads a revolt in Southampton County, Virginia, killing at least 57 whites. Alabama makes it illegal for Blacks to preach
  • Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

    Karl Marx publishes Communist Manifesto
    Oregon organized as territory
  • Lincoln Elected President

    Major accomplishement "Emancipaton Proclaimation"
  • Wright Brother

    First Flight in Kitty Hawk
  • World War I

    Begins in Europe
  • ZImmerman's Telegraph

    Asking Mexicans to become their allies against the U.S. and they will get some of their land back in return
  • Fourteen Points

    Speech given to a joint section of Congress
  • World War I

    The War Ends