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By odyssey
  • Trojan War ends

    Trojan War ends
    Odysseus's journey back to Ithica begins at the end of the Trojan war.
  • Pillaging of Ismarus

    Pillaging of Ismarus
    Odysseus and his men sacked Ismarus. His men also burned the village and took the women.
  • The men eat lotus on Cythera

    The men eat lotus on Cythera
    Odysseus's men eat the lotus flower. The flower make shte men forget about their desire to go home. Odysseus has to remove the men from this island and lock them in the boat to get away.
  • Goat island

    Goat island
    The men arrive on an island next to the Cyclops island. they island is only inhabited by goat. this shows that the Cyclops are not very smart becuse they do not expand to the prosperous goat island. the men eat 108 goats.
  • Cyclops island.

    Cyclops island.
    The men depart fom the goat island to land on the island of the Cyclops. they meet a Cyclops named Polyphemus. Polyphemus locks Odysseus's men into a giant cave with ha giant boulder hat only the giant could move. the Cyclops bashed the heads of Odyesseus men before he eats them. Odysseus does not kill Cyclops becuase he needs him to move the boulder to be free. Odysseus gets Polyphemus drunk , so he passes out then Odysseus stabs him in the eye. They excape by riding under sheep.
  • Aeolea

    Aeolea is the island where Aeolus, the god of wind, lives. Aeolea gives Odysseus a bag of wind to get home to Ithica.
  • In sight of Ithica

    In sight of Ithica
    Odysseus and his fleet can see the island of Ithica from their ships. Since they are so close Odysseus decides to take a nap before they dock. While Odysseus is sleeping the men become greedy of the bag, which they think is full of gold and silver. The men open the bag and release the wind. The wind escapes from the bag and pushes the men back to the island of Aeolea.
  • Back at the Island of Aeolea

    Back at the Island of Aeolea
    The bag of wind pushes Odysseus and his fleet back to the island of Aeolea. Odysseus asks for another bag of wind, but Aeolus refuses to give Odysseus another.
  • Lestragonians

    The Lestrygonians are giants that do not welcome Odysseus and his crew when they arrive. The Lestrygonians end up destroying most of Odysseus's fleet when they are trying to escape from them.
  • Aeaea

    Uppon arriving on Aeaea Odysseus and his men meet Circe's and her enchanted animals. She turns Odysseus's men into pigs. odysseus convinces Circes to not turn anymore of his men into pigs. Odysseus and his fleet stay on Circe's island for a year
  • Halls of Hades

    Halls of Hades
    Circe's tells Odysseus that he must speak to Tiresias about finding the way back home. Odysseus must scarifice a ram for teh blood for the ghosts to drink in order to talk to Odysseus. He is reunited with his mother and other Greek heros that have passed.
  • Back to Aeaea

    Back to Aeaea
    Odysseus and his men head back to Aeaea. They give Elpenor a proper burial (cremation) and Cerce warns Odysseus of the dangers to come.
  • Consult Circe

    Consult Circe
    Circe tells Odysseus how to get by the sirens and Scylla and Charybdus, and not to harm the sun god's cattle when they continue their voyage to Ithaca.
  • Sirens

    Odysseus's crew puts beeswax in their ears so they can't hear the sirens as they sail by them. Odysseus is tied down to the mast so he doesn't get drawn to them.
  • Scylla & Charybdis

    Scylla & Charybdis
    Odysseus decides to sail through waters near where Scylla inhabits a cave. Scylla kills six of Odysseus's men with all six of her heads. Odysseus had the choice to either sail by Scylla or by Charybdis, a whirl pool that would have sunk their ship and killed the men.
  • Sun God's Cattle

    Sun God's Cattle
    Odysseus and his men arrive on the Sun God's island where he has his cattle. After some time, Odysseus's men go behind Odysseus's back and eat the sun god's cattle, which is forbidden by the sun god. Odysseus and his men will be punished for this act.
  • Odysseus goes back to Charybdis

    Odysseus goes back to Charybdis
    The sun god destroys Odysseus's ship, killing all of his men, and Odysseus ends up back in the whirl pool of Charybdis. He barely survives, and gets pushed ashore to Ogygia.