Mrlba Patillo

By Mortal
  • Melba Pattillo

    That was the day that Melba Pattillo was born and the day that the japenese attack Pearl Harbor
  • Period: to


  • Brown vs Board of Education

    The Supreme Court ruled that segregation was illegal
  • Struck

    Someone hit Melba with a tnnis racket from, the back
  • Melba Pattillo

    That was the year that Melba turned sisteen and also the year that Melba intergrate Little Rock's Central High School
  • Governor in the Court

    The Governor faces day in the court, it was all over news
  • City and State

    City and state police to be there today;officials confident.Fabulus says he's hoping for no unrest;U.S keeping close eye on Little Rock
  • Half of 101b Airbone go home

    Half of the soldiers of the 101 Airbone left little rock
  • All of the soldiers go home

    After Thanksgiving, all of the soldiers leave and the LR9 lose their bodyguards. National Guard keeps the peace
  • Minnijean gets suspended

    A group of students were taunting Minnijean in the cafeteria while she was holding her tray of food, She lost her balance and spilled chili all over two students. She was taken by a school official to the office and suspended. Slogan of "One nigger down,eight to go" floated around
  • Minnijean gets ultimatun

    The superintendent warms Minnijean that she should not react to anyone who taunts her