• Hubble Telescope

    The Hubble telescope was completed. It was used to take pictures of planets.
  • Beauty and the Beast

    Beauty and the Beast came out
  • Europeans

    Europeans end Sanctrons in south Africa
  • Government

    Communist Government of Albania resigns
  • Dissolved

    Warsaw pact dissolved
  • World Trade Center Bomb Attempet

    5 people are arrested for trying to bomb the World Trade Center.
  • Hurricane Andrew

    Hurrican Andrew hits Florida.
  • Beanie Babies are popular

    Beany Babies, soaring popularity. They came out in 1993.
  • DreamWorks Studios

    DreamWorks Studio was founded.
  • Bomb in Oaklahoma city

    In 1995 Timothy Mcveigh bombed half an apartment building off.
  • Toy Story,Shrek,Titanic,and Jurrasic park

    Toy Story,Shrek,Titanic,and Jurrasic park
    Toy Story,Shrek, The Titanic, and Jurrasic park came out in the 1995
  • Tickle Me Elmo

    Tickle Me Elmo
    Tickle Me Elmo was invented in 1996. It was made for children under the age of 6 years.
  • TV

    In 1997 they put ratings on television (TV-Y-TV-G-TV-Y-TV-Y7-TV-PG-Tv14-TV-M appear on your TV sereaning for 15 seconds
  • Pokemon was invented

    Pokemon was invented
    Pokemon is a big trend in America. They were invented in Japan.
  • First Sheep Cloned

    The first sheep was cloned in Scotland. The sheep's name was Dolly.
  • Princess Diana dies.

    Princess Diana got killed in a car crash. She was a famous English woman.
  • Earth Quake In Turkey

    Earth Quake In Turkey
    Earthquake was 7.6 magnitude in Turkey.