• Salvador Allende elected

    Salvador Allende is elected President of Chile
  • Agusto Pinochet appointed

    Salvador Allende appointed Agusto Pinochet as comander in Cheif of the Chilen army
  • Pinochet rebels

    Pinochet led a Military Coup against Allende's government
  • Allende's death

    Alende dies fighting in the Presidential Palace in Santaigo
  • Agusto Pinochet done

    Agusto Pinochet finished his time as president of chile.
  • Bronze Metal

    Chile wins a bronze Metal at the Summer Olympics
  • First in South America

    Michelle Bachelet Elected first Woman President in Chile
  • Chilean Earthquake

    An 8.8 magnitude earthquake occured in Chile.
  • Michele Bachellet replaced

    Sebastian Pinera takes over as President of Chile from Michele Bachellet
  • Mining Accident

    Chilean Mining accident that trapped 33 men 700 meters (2,300 feet) below the surfact of the earth.