Frances e willard

Frances E. Willard

By M93815L
  • Birth

    Frances was born in Churchville New York
  • Period: to

    Frances E. Willard

  • Moving

    At the age of two she moved to Janesville, WI where her father was a farmer and a Methodist.
    She was also a "Tom Boy" and was often called Frank
  • Northwestern Female College

    Northwestern Female College
    She got accepted into Northwestern Female College in Evanston Illinois
  • Engagement

    Frances broke off her engagement to a man named Charles Henry Fowler.
    She soon after she became a teacher and lived off of low income.
  • Sister died

    Sister died
    Her younger sister Mary died at the age of 19 from tuberculosis
  • Nineteen Wonderful Years

    Wrote a book called "Nineteen Wonderful Years" about her sister Mary
  • President

    She was elected President of Evanston College for Ladies
  • Unidversity Administrator

    She was a University Administrator before she commited to the temperance.
  • Temperance Union

    Temperance Union
    Frances became President of the Woman's National Christian Temperance Union.
  • Union Spreads

    Union Spread Over 50 nations.
  • Conferance

    Elected to General Conferance
  • Bishops

    Bishopls would'nt let her sit down at a meeting.
  • Mom

    Her mother died.
  • Bicycle

    Frances wrote how the bike was one of the greatest tools for getting men out of the house.
  • Death

    Frances Elizabeth Willard died