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WWI Causes Nathan Friederich 3rd

  • British Naval Blockade

    British Naval Blockade
    The British navy used U-boats to block the German coast and prevent weapons and other war supplies from getting through.
  • Period: to

    America Joins the WWI

  • Sinking of the Lusitania

    Sinking of the Lusitania
    German U-boats sank the Lusitania off the coast of Ireland. Out of the 1,198 people killed, 128 of them were Americans. Germany claimed that the ship was hauling ammunition.
  • Sinking of the Arabic

    Sinking of the Arabic
    The Arabic was sunk by a German U-boat killing 2 Americans. After the sinking of the Arabic Germany agreed to stop sinking passanger ships.
  • Sinking of the Sussex

    Sinking of the Sussex
    Germany broke their promise of not sinking passanger sips and sank the Sussex in March of 1915. 80 passangers, including Americans were injured and killed.
  • "He kept us out of war"

    "He kept us out of war"
    Woodrow Wilson's campaign slogan that he used to beat Charels Evans Hughes in the 1916 election.
  • Peace without Victory

    Peace without Victory
    A piece of Wilsons speech he gave before the senate in hopes that all nations would join in a "league for peace"
  • Resumption of unrestricted submarine warfare

    Resumption of unrestricted submarine warfare
    Part of Germanys effort to defeat Britain. Germany announced that they would sink all ships in British waters.
  • The Zimmerman Note

    The Zimmerman Note
    A telegram that was passed from the German Foreign Minister to the German Ambassador in Mexico. The note proposed an alliance between Germany and Mexico. Germany agreed to help if war broke out in the U.S. This note was intercepted by British agents.
  • The sinking of four unarmed American merchant ships

    The sinking of four unarmed American merchant ships
    Took a total of 36 lives. Sunk by the German U-boats.
  • Overthrow of Nicholas II

    Overthrow of Nicholas II
    The U.S. was on the edge of war with Germany and the overthrow made the war a war between dictators and democracys.
  • President Wilson's War Message

    President Wilson's War Message
    Given to senators, representatives, ambassadors and members of the surpreme court. Said that we needed to put a stop to submarine warfare.
  • Declaration of War against Central Powers

    Declaration of War against Central Powers
    Americans felt that they needed to join the war to pave the way for a future order of peace and freedom