World war 1

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    Events leading to Americas entrance in WWI

  • British Naval Blockade

    British Naval Blockade
    The british set up a blockade around germany and confiscated Contraband
  • Lusitania Sinking

    Lusitania Sinking
    German U-Boats first attack on american ships. This ship was sunk with passengers, but german claims were the ship was carrying ammunition
  • Arabic sinking

    Arabic sinking
    another ship was sunk by German U-Boats
  • Sinking of the Sussex

    Sinking of the Sussex
    Yet another ship was destroyed by german U-Boats
  • "He kept us out of War"

    "He kept us out of War"
    the slogan Wilson used during his Campaign for Re-election.
  • Peace without victory

    Peace without victory
    President Woodrow Wilson called for a peace without victory, a peace between equals
  • Zimmerman Note

    Zimmerman Note
    British intelligence recieved a message going to Mexico from Germany. if Mexico allied with germany they would help reclaim mexican land in american
  • President Wilson's War Message

    President Wilson's War Message
    Wilson gave a speech to the Supreme Court stating that America needed to go to war. Property can be paid for, Lives cannot be.
  • Declaration of War against Central Powers

    Declaration of War against Central Powers
    America enters World War I
  • sinking of 4 unarmed merchant ships

    sinking of 4 unarmed merchant ships
    4 unarmed american merchant ships were sank after america constantly warned Germany of its actions.