world war one cole beck and alex pettit

  • british navel blockade

    british navel blockade
    the british blockaded the germans from being able to get anny suplies or food to go to there cost from other areas
  • mechant ships

  • lusitana sinks

    lusitana sinks
    a u boat sinks the ship lusitana
  • aribic sinking

    aribic sinking
    u boat sank another ship
  • sussex sinking

    sussex sinking
    80 passengers killed including americans
  • he kept us out of war

    woodrow willson used this as his camign slogen
  • peace without war

    peace without war
    nether side will impose harsh terms on the other
  • zimmerman note

    zimmerman note
    a telligram from the german foreign minister
  • resumption of submarine warfare

    germans started useing submarin warfare again
  • overthow of nickolas 2

    the czar was overthrown in russia
  • declaration of war against the central powers

    the united states joind the war agaist the central powers
  • war message