Causes of WW1 By Andrea and Shelby 7th Hour

  • Britsih Naval Base

    Britsih Naval Base
    They blocked off all ties to Germany through waterways to prevent wepons and other milatary supplies from getting through.
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  • Luistania Sinking

    Luistania Sinking
    A German U-boat sank a British ship off the southern coast of Ireland. Germany promised not to sink anymore ships.
  • Arabic Sinking

    Arabic Sinking
    Another U-boat blew up another British ship, drowning two Americans. This was the second ship that was sunk.
  • Sussex Sinking

    Sussex Sinking
    Germany broke thier promise again by the sinking of the Sussex. 80 passengers including Americans were either killed or injured.
  • Resumption of Unrestricted Submarine Warfare

    Resumption of Unrestricted Submarine Warfare
    The United States warned that it would break off diplomatic relations unless Germany changed its tactics. Germany agreed on one condition: if the United States could not persuade Britian to lift its bockade against food and fertilizers, Germany would consider renewing.
  • "He Kept Us Out Of War."

    "He Kept Us Out Of War."
    Presidental election of 1916. Wilson's campaign slogan.
  • Peace Without Victory

    Peace Without Victory
    In a speech before the Senate in January 1917, the president called for "a peace without victory...a peace between equals," in which neither side would impose harsh terms on the other.
  • Zimmermann Note

    Zimmermann Note
    It was a telegram from German foreign minister to the German embassador in Mexico that was intercepted by British agents. It proposed an alliance between Mexico and Germany.
  • Sinking of 4 unarmed American Merchant Ships

    Sinking of 4 unarmed American Merchant Ships
    Loss of 36 lives.
  • Overthrow of Nicholas II

    Overthrow of Nicholas II
  • President Wilsons War Message

    President Wilsons War Message
    A resolution given in front of senators, representatives, ambassadors, members of the Supreme Court, and other guests crowded into the Capital Building.
  • Declaration of War Against the Central Powers

    Declaration of War Against the Central Powers
    Wilson and many Americans truly believed that the United States had to join the war to pave the way for a future order of peace and freedom