World War II

By wilkelm
  • Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany

    Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany
    Adolf Hitler is chosen as Chancellor over Germany. He begins his reign by making the Nazi's the only political party in Germany. Hitler starts to lay laws on the Jews and his dictatorship begins...
  • Period: to

    Jews are Stripped of All Rights

    Hitler takes away many of the jews rights, including their citzenship, not allowed national health insurance, and getting legal qualifications.
  • German President, Paul von Hindenburg Dies

    German President, Paul von Hindenburg Dies
    German President, Paul von Hindenburg, or Führer, (leader) passes away and Adolf Hitler grabs the chance to become the absolute leader. He takes this opportunity, and Hitler and moves in himself and his Nazi's to take power over Germany, without even holding elections.
  • Adolf Repudiates Treaty of Versailles

    Adolf Hitler anoounces that he will not adhere the Treaty of Versailles. Hitler refused to put limits on the German military that the Treaty of Versailles imposed.
  • President D. Roosevelt Signs U.S. Neutrality Act

    President of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the U.S. Neutrality Act forbiding anyone to take sides or support sides for the European War. He had signed this saying "we might get dragged into the war instead of staying out of it".
  • Sawastika Sign Established

    Germany adopts the sawastika sign an ancient symbol meaning life, power, and luck.
  • Period: to

    Germany Forms Alliances with Italy...

    During the year of 1936, Italy and Germany formed alliances with each other. The Spanish Civil War broke out between the Spanish and the French, in which Germany was supporting the French during their war against the Spanish.
  • Period: to

    FDR declines U.S. Neutrality Act...

    this year of the war brought on manny new things and troubles. President Franklin D. Roosevelt declines the U.S. Neutrality Act and begins to support China. China had been invaded by Japan too. after invading, the capitol of China had collapsed aloowing Japan to go out and rape and kill many of the Chinese women and children. this was called
  • Period: to

    Austria is Pressured into a Union with Germany...

    Being a difficult year for many in the war, Austria is one of many countries that gets pressured intoa Union with Germany. Also, after getting citzenship and jobs and everything taken away from them, many Jewish shops and synagoges were either damaged badly or destroyed. this night was called Kristallnacht, or Night of Broken Glass. Hitler also withdraws from supporting China. Hitler is now against the USSR along with Japan and other countries.
  • German Jews Flee Germany

    German Jews flee from Germany and is estimated that 320,000 of the 500,000 German Jews living there flled the country. They left in the fear of the Nazi's, knowing that they might get killed if they did not flee elswhere.
  • Czechislovakia is Captured

    German troops capture and occupy the rest of Czechoslovakia and what they already hadn't captured until this day.
  • Hitler is Unhonorable to Poland's Nonagression Act

    Adolf Hitler announces he will not honor the nonagression act that hadbeen signed with Poland in 1934. This forces Poland and its authorities negotiate an alliance with London.
  • Attack on Pearl Harbor

    Attack on Pearl Harbor
    The Japanese had flooded into Pearl Harbor firing on the base below. They left 2,403 dead, 188 destroyed planes and a crippled Pacific Fleet that included 8 damaged or destroyed battleships. Many were stunned by the attack, thinking it was simply an American B-17, which was expected that day to fly in.
  • D-Day

    This is the day when the U.S. attcked the five beaches of Normandy during WWII. "We will expect nothing less than a full victory", says General Dwight D Eisenhower, commander of the crusade. The U.S. had followed this through defeating a part Germany during WWII
  • Japan Surrenders and WWII Ends

    Japan surrenders to the U.S. after we had dropped two atomic bombs, Little Boy and Fat Man. Little Boy was dropped on Hiroshima and Fat Man was dropped on Nagasaki. Japan had said they need to end the war or else it would be practically suicide, forcing them to surrender.