• Marsahall Bruce Mathers lll was born

    Marshall Bruce Mathers lll was born in St. Joseph Missiouri, USA.
  • Dad leaves

    When Marshall is 18 months old his father abandons the family. Leaving him with his mother.
  • Dropped out of school

    After failing the 9th grade 3 times in a row, Marshall decided to drop out of school for good.
  • Daugher Hailie Jade Scott is born

  • Infinite

    Eminem releases his first album- "Infinite"
  • The Slim Shady EP

    Eminem releases his second album
  • Signed to Interscope Records

    Eminem was signed to Interscope Records
  • The Slim Shady LP

    Eminem's first studio album was released
  • Marriage

    Eminem marries Kimberely Anne Scott
  • The Marshall Mathers LP

    His second studio album was released.
  • Arrested

    Arrested for gun charges
  • The Angry Blonde

    Eminem writes a book about his struggles, love for wrap and the meaning behind all of his songs.
  • Arrested and probation

    Eminem was arrested once again for weapon charges
  • The Eminem Show

    New album released
  • 8 Mile

    Eminem began his acting career in his auto-biographical movie.
  • Shady Ltd.

    Eminem starts his own clothing line
  • Encore

    Eminem releases his album Encore
  • The Anger Management 3 Tour

    Eminem begins his first U.S. Tour.
  • Period: to


    Eminem announced he would be taking a break from rapping.
  • Re-Married

    After their divorce several years ago, Eminem and Kim get re-married.
  • Divorce

    After only a year, Eminem files for divorce
  • Relapse

    After his long break Eminem finally released his new album.
  • Recovery

    Recovery was released and sold millions instantly