remote control

  • Period: to

    remote control

    changes to the remote
  • the first remote controled robot

    the fisrt robot
  • the first remote controled plane

  • remote controled air plane

    first one
  • the garge openers

    like todays
  • first remote control helicopter

    more remote controled things
  • remote controled robots

    siad to help sientictst
  • electric manipulator

    unchange still today
  • first remote (lazy Bones)

    the first remote was attached to the tv but it did not change the chanle
  • first wireless remote

  • remote controled modle boats

  • recevers for wireless remotes

  • ultrasonic remote

    used vacum tubes
  • remote control car

    they were used tocontrol toys
  • "machanicle" control

    remote control missles
  • remote control race

  • infra-red remotes

    the remotes use infra-red signles
  • the first universal remote

  • Beolink 1000

    the first remote that controled both the video and tv
  • more avdvansments

  • small remote controled things

  • transmitter

    help remote advace faster
  • remote that can control any tv