Buddy's Renaissance timeline

  • Period: Jan 1, 1350 to


    the bebirth of culture that led tp our modern world
  • Mar 9, 1420

    Pullies invented

    Filippo Brunelleschi invents a system of lifting heavy objects
  • Mar 9, 1435

    statue of David is made

    The world known ,Statue of David, is constructed by Donatelo
  • Mar 9, 1450

    compass invented

    in Nuremburg, Germany, inventers created a divise to improve navigation for sailers
  • Mar 9, 1506

    Mona Lisa born

    Leonardo Da Vinci paints the most valuable painting in world-Mona Lisa
  • Mar 9, 1512

    Michaelangelo paints Sistean Chapel

    Michaelangelo starts painting his 3 year project of the Sistean Chapel in Florence
  • Mar 9, 1524

    Guilliano Bugiardini paints Madonna and Child with Saint John

    Guilliano Bugiardini paints Madonna and Child with Saint John
  • Mar 9, 1541

    Chemestry advanced

    parasecus, a swiss phesition, cut open bodies and revolutionised how the body works
  • Mar 9, 1575

    Modern medicine invented

    Ambroise Pare invented a method of sterilizing wounds and making people feel better
  • Shakespeare writes MacBeth

    Wiliam Shakespeare writes one of the most famous plays in history- MacBeth
  • Galileo advances astronomy

    Galileo heard of a dutch astronomer who invented the telescope for ships, so he disided to piont one at the sky and found moons around Jupiter and mountains on the moon