down syndrome

  • Carson Goodwin, was born with Down syndrome. The Goodwins dedicated themselves to gathering as much information as possible about Down syndrome and creating opportunities for Carson to grow and learn like any other child.

  • • NDSS published its first brochure, This Baby Needs You Even More, for new parents.• In the spring, NDSS held a small scientific symposium with thirteen researchers from around the world. After three days of spirited discussion, participants expressed

  • • NDSS hosted its first scientific symposium entitled, The Molecular Structure of the 21st Chromosome and Down Syndrome. The proceedings were published by the Academy of Science in 1985. To date, fourteen scientific symposia and research conferences have

  • An NDSS funded researcher, Rachael Neve, was the principal investigator to isolate a gene on the 21st chromosome that relates Down syndrome and Alzheimer's disease.