• Dien Bien Phu

    lasted 55 days. approximately 3000 french troops dead 8000 wounded and there were 8000 viet minh soldiers kllled and 12000 of them were wounded. the vietnamese won which made france leave the war
  • Ho Chi Minh

    the building of roads for the vietcong and NVA to use against the USA and the French near cambodia and Laos
  • US Involvement

    Us sends supplies and advisors to south vietnam
  • Operation Rangeland

    Used to destroy crops and guerrilla trails which made it difficult to create ambushes.
  • Gulf Of Tonkin Attack

    south vietnam attacks islands off of north vietnam in the gulf of tonkin
  • Gulf Of Tonkin Resolution

    provided President johnson the power to do whatever necessary in SE Asia. more force is ok'd to us by the USA
  • Rolling Thunder

    Bombing raids on vietnam lasted 1 month. it was supposed to stop vietnam from North Vietnam from supporting South vietnam.
  • USA Offers Peace For Economic Aid Proposal

    Americas attempt to end war. America offers North Vietnam aid in return for peace. North Vietnam Says no.
  • 1st Major Battle Of Vietnam War of American Units

    Vietnamese attack American soldiers. America wins because of a spy from the other side
  • President Johnson Sends 60000 troops to Vietnam

    60000 troops are sent in by President Johnson in hope to end war
  • Operation Junction City

    Tay Ninh Province, us attempts to destroy vietcong bases in south vietcong
  • Khe Sanh Attacked By Vietcong

    battle that lasts for two days. Vietcong attack Khe Sang 19 Marines die and 40 are hurt
  • tet offensive begins

    vietcong attack south vietnam America wins and only loses 2500 soldiers. vietcong loses 37000 souldiers
  • my lai massacre

    America kills approx. 200 vietnamese innocent people.
  • Nixon Takes Office

    Richard Nixon Becomes President Of the USA
  • Operation Menu

    Nixon apporoves this plan. Bombs are dropped on campodia over four years
  • 133000 US Troops Remain

    more then half of american troops have come home. America is essentially leaving the war
  • Peace talks halt

    A talk between north vietnam and America comes to an end. possible end of war.
  • Peace Talks Continue

    America and vietnam contuinue their peace talk. Another possible end to war
  • Cease Fire Signed

    End of Vietnam war for all parties involved
  • Nixon Resigns

    President Nixon resigns from office. No longer president
  • Last Casualties For US and final Evacuation

    War ends. last soldiers die in Saigon airport.