The Time Line of the Moon cake

By artybox
  • Aug 15, 1368

    The very 1st Mooncake

    The very 1st Mooncake
    The first Moon cakes were made in the Yuan Dynasty, (1280-1368 AD) which is also sometimes know as the 14th century.
  • Moon cake to China Town

    Moon cakes have been added into Chinatown now, showing the rest of the world its decorative patterns and unique tastes.
  • Moon cakes go Western

    Moon cakes go Western
    These days, western cafés and bakeries also impress people with their dazzling mooncake creations.
  • Opening of Wing Wah Bakery

    Wing Wah Bakery was found this day. As one of hong kongs's most trustworthy bakeries, they are excellent at making moon cakes. This is one of the best places to get moon cakes when it the Mid-Autum Festival.
  • Birthday Moon Cake

    The first alleged moon landing, Apollo 11 had happened. The moon cake was used as a design for a birthday cake.
  • Moon Cake in Bakery

    Moon Cake in Bakery
    Moon cakes were seen in popular bakeries in Hong Kong, e.g Maxim's, Saint Honor's.
  • Animal eats Moon cake

    A staff member feeds a panda a special moon cake made up of bamboo leaves, fruit and so on in the zoo of Jinan, capital of east China's Shandong Province, The staff in the zoo of Jinan made different kinds of moon cakes for varied animals according to their distinct eating habits in order to let them enjoy the Mid-autumn Day.
  • 400 gram Moon cake

    400 gram Moon cake
    Residents taste a gigantic mooncake during a mooncake festival in Chengdu, Southwest China's Sichuan province . The 400-kilogram mooncake was part of celebrations for the Mid Autumn Festival. It took 7 days to finish!
  • Community Celebration

    Zone B2 organised a community gathering to celebrate the Moon Cake Festival on 3rd Oct 2009 which was a success.