Catcher in the Rye

By cdiff
  • Allie Dies

  • Holden loses fencing equipment on subway

  • Period: to

    Saturday, December 17th, 1949

  • Holden visits Mr. Spencer

  • Holden goes to a movie with Brossard and Ackley

  • Holden writes about the baseball glove

  • Stradlater returns from his date with Jane, later the fist fight

  • Holden leaves Pencey for NYC

    "Sleep tight, ya morons!"
  • Holden meets Mrs. Murrow on the train

  • Period: to

    Sunday, December 18th, 1949

  • Holden calls Sally Hayes at Penn Station

  • Holden Gets a taxi, asks the cabbie about the Central Park ducks

  • Holden checks into Edmont hotel, calls Faith Cavendish

  • Holden meets Marty, Laverne, and Bernice Kregs at Lavender Room

  • Holden takes a cab to Ernie's, asks cabbie about Central Park ducks

  • At Ernie's, sees Lillian Simmons and Cpt. Blop

  • Holden returns to hotel and accepts offer from Maurice

  • Sunny meets Holden and Holden becomes frightened and just wants to talk

  • Sunny leaves but eventually returns with Maurice demanding more money

  • Holden is beat up by Maurice and envisions shooting him

  • Holden wakes up after a short rest

  • Holden calls Sally and sets up a date; checks out of the hotel

  • Holden goes to Grand Centrall station and meets the nuns

  • Holden buys Phoebe the record

  • Holden goes to Central Park then the Museum of Natural History

    "Nobody'd be different. The only thing that would be different would be you."
  • Holden goes to watch the Lunts with Sally

  • Holden rants about moving away and marriage with Sally, who eventually leaves

  • Alone again, Holden goes to Radio City to pass the time

  • Holden meets Carl Luce at the Wicker Bar, they argue and Luce leaves

  • Ater drinking a few hours, Holden finally leaves the bar quite drunk

  • Period: to

    Monday, December 19th, 1949

  • Holden wanders to the Central Park lagoon and drops Phoebe's record

  • Holden sneaks into his family's apartment and wakes Phoebe

  • Holden talks with Phoebe until their parents return, and he hides in her closet

  • Holden flees the house and goes to Mr. Antolini's.

  • Holden and Antolini hae a long conversation about Holden's future, then Holden goes to sleep

  • Holden wakes suddenly when Antolini is touching his head, he panics and leaves in a hurry, saying he will return later.

  • Holden walks to Grand Central Station and sleeps in the waiting room

  • Holden awakes and writes a not to Phoebe to meet him at the Museum.

  • Holden delivers the note to Phoebe's school, noticing graffiti on the walls

  • Holden heads to the museum and looks at the mummy exhibition with two boys

  • Holden waits fro Phoebe to arrive, eventually she comes with her suitcase packed

  • Phoebe says she is going with Holden out west, and they argue.

  • The two go to the Central Park Zoo.

  • Phobe rides the carousel and Holden watches, even as it pours down rain

  • Holden is suddenly very happy as he watches Phoebe.