Time Line of Prime Ministers in Canada

  • John Diefenbaker

                    John Diefenbaker
  • Lester B. Pearson

               Lester B. Pearson
  • Pierre Trudeau

                        Pierre Trudeau
  • Joe Clark

                              Joe Clark
  • Peirre Trudeau

                  Peirre Trudeau
  • John Turner

    John Turner
  • Brian Mulroney

                       Brian Mulroney
  • Kim Campbell

    Kim Campbell
  • Jean Cretien

    Jean Cretien
  • Paul Martin

                      Paul Martin
    ' >Paul Martin and Rick Mercer
    Paul Martin and Steve Mercer
  • Stephen Harper

                            Stephen Harper
    <a href='' ' >Stephan Harper Stephan Harper donates to sick kids
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    All pictures were found from "Google Images"
    Time line was taken from "Wikipedia"