BP Oil Spill timeline!

  • Explosion happens at BP.

    An explosion happened which blew up a facitily. there were 15 fatialties, and 170 people were injured.
  • Prudhoe oil spilllllll

    Prudhoe Bay Oil Spill
  • Thunderhorse toppled over.

  • Isomerization

  • Explosion at drilling rig in the gulf of mexico.

    They claimed in sunk after a storm, but after future investigation they realized that something was installed backwards which caused it to sink on one side.
  • Oil found leaking from well.

    claimed to have no near term impact.
  • Cosst guard reports that there is a spill of 1000 barrles of oil per day

    1000 barrels of oil spilling a day!
  • BP reserached bp relasing toxic gasses