Cold war- Cuban missile crises

  • The start of the Missile Crises

    The start of the Missile Crises
    President Kennedy is informed of the missile. Ex Comm formed.
  • Period: to

    Cuban Missile Crises

    The content of the Cuban Missile Crises.
  • Decision

    Cuba blockade took place. Kennedy decision
  • Blockade Announced

    Blockade Announced
    Kennedy announces the blockade and wanted the withdraw of USSR's missiles in Cuba.
  • Khrushchev's letter

    Khrushchev's letter
    Khrushchev sends a letter to Kennedy. He does not afirm that there are missiles on cuba, however he does not remove his troops from the ships. He will "ignore" the USA.
  • Blockade occurs

    Blockade occurs
    A USSR submarine got closer to the blockade zone. It was carrying missiles. Soviet troops stopped in front of the zone.
  • Progress in Cuba

    Progress in Cuba
    Cuba is rapidly improving their bases and missiles.
  • Another letter form Khrushchev

    Another letter form Khrushchev
    Krushchev admitted missiles on Cuba in a personal letter, but declared that it would only be used to defend themselves.
  • Khrushchev proposes a deal

    Khrushchev proposes a deal
    Krushchev says that he would remove the missiles from Cuba only if Kennedy stops the missile threat in Turkey. He didnt do it.
    In cuba an American piplot is shot. USA government suggests that Kennedy takes action. He didnt want to bombard Cuba. He declares that if Khrushchev does not withdraw, he would attack them.
  • Missiles out of Cuba

    Missiles out of Cuba
    Khrushchev Sends letter to Kenndy. He removes the missiles from Cuba so it can return to the USSR. Threat is ended.