Sister elizabeth kenny

Sister Elizabeth Kenny

  • Birth of Elizabeth Kenny

    Birth of Elizabeth Kenny
    Elizabeth Kenny was born in New South Wales on September 20, 1880.
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    The Life of Sister Elizabeth Kenny

  • Elizabeth Kenny Meets Her Mentor

    Elizabeth Kenny Meets Her Mentor
    Elizabeth Kenny met her mentor, Dr. Aeneas McDonnell, after she broke her arm by falling off of a horse. This began her interest in human anatomy.
  • Bush Nurse

    Sister Kenny began her work as a bush nurse in Nobby, where she grew up.
  • Clifton Hospital

    In 1913, Sister Kenny opened a hospital in Clifton where she began treating polio.
  • World War I Begins

    World War I Begins
    When World War I began, Sister Kenny volunteered as a nurse even though she technically was not a nurse. She served on ships tending to the wounded soldiers.
  • Sister Kenny is Recognized

    Sister Kenny was first recognized in the Townsville newspaper for helping a girl with infantile paralysis walk again after 18 months of treatment. Townsville is located in Australia.
  • Townsville Polio Clinic

    In 1933, Sister Kenny got some help setting up a polio treatment center in Townsville.
  • Kenny Clinics

    Kenny Clinics
    The Queensland Health Department's evaluation of her work led to the establishment of Kenny Clinics in several Australian cities. However, many doctors did not approve of her work.
  • Sister Kenny's Books

    Sister Kenny's Books
    In 1937, Sister Kenny published a book about her work with Infantile Paralysis, and then began her work on a second book.
  • Sister Kenny Travels to America

    Sister Kenny Travels to America
    Sister Kenny Rehabilitation InstituteIn 1940, the government of New South Wales sent Sister Kenny and her daughter to live in America and teach American doctors aobut her polio treatments. She stayed in Minnesota for eleven years.
  • Sister Kenny

    Sister Kenny
    Sister KennyIn 1946, Sister Elizabeth Kenny's story was adapted into the film called Sister Kenny. The film won a Golden Globe in 1947.
  • Gallup Poll

    Gallup Poll
    Because of her astounding work, Sister Kenny was placed number 1 on the Gallup Poll's Most Admired Women list.
  • Death of Sister Kenny

    Death of Sister Kenny
    Sister Kenny FoundationSister Elizabeth Kenny passed away in 1952 from Parkinson's disease. Her infantile paralysis treatment and rehabilition, which was the beginning of physical therapy, has changed the world and will continue to help millions of people all over the globe.