Rwanda Genocide

  • Period: to

    Civilian Military Training begins

    The Rwandan military begins to train and arm civilian militias. For the next three years thousands of Tutsis are killed in massacres around the country. Tutsis politicians are attacked.
  • RPF Invade Rwanda

    RPF soldiers invade Rwanda from Uganda. The French and Zairean troops arrive to help the government, a cease-fire is signed on March 29, 1991.
  • Peace Treaty

    Habyarimana and the RPF sign a peace treaty that allows for the return of all the refugees and a Hutu-RPF government.
  • President is Killed

    President Habyarimana and the president of Burundi, Cyprien Ntaryamira, are killed when Habyarimana's plane is shot down near Kigali Airport. That night the killing begins.