Life in the Fat Lane

  • homecoming

    Molly and Lara get ready for homecoming. laras friends Tammy and amber say Lara will definitely win homecoming queen. Lara is size 6.
  • Period: to


  • recap!

    Lara Ardeche is 16 years old. her boyfriend Jett is a senior at her school. Lara is extremely popular and just won homecoming queen a few weeks ago. Lara has done beauty pageants since she was very little, just like her mom. Lara is a size 5/6.
  • Sick!

    Lara gets very sick and takes a medication to make her feel better this medication is known to cause you to gain weight.
  • November 30 one month later.

    when Lara stepped on to the scale at the doctors she weighed 148. before homecoming she was 118, she had tried everything to lose weight but nothing would work. the doctor said she may have a rare disease and to come back for a diagnosis.
  • New years eve party.

    Lara, Jett Molly, and Chris went to a very popular new years eve party. Lara's dress was a size 18. Lara knew that after this party she wouldn't be popular anymore.
  • Jett break

    Jett decides since soon he's going to college that him and Lara shouldn't be together. Lara thinks it's because of her new weight 150 lbs. But he thinks it's because of his age.
  • Axell-crowne syndrome

    Lara went to her doctors again. and was diagnosed with Axell crowne syndrome. A rare disease that makes you gain excessive weight.
  • while you werent looking.....

    Lara's family looked so perfect the year before Lara's disease. now it's about to get much worse. Lara's father was caught cheating on Lara's mother with a women at work. Lara's family is moving. Lara will be changing schools for her senior year.
  • Lara is underestimated

    Lara finishes of the school year with just molly as a friend. Lara and her brother and mother move to Michigan from Nashville. Lara is ready to be mad fun of. her new weight. 200 lbs.
  • first day of new school

    Lara is at a new school weighing 218 lbs. she had a horrible day and has to go to the doctors next week, to check if he disease has changed.
  • the scale

    Lara steps on to her scale at her house and see she is 205 lbs. the doctors said she wouldn't lose weight unless the disease went away. so could this be good news for Lara?
  • doctors almost last visit.

    Lara went to the doctors and weighed 197 lbs. her disease is going away and within 2 months Lara will be almost completely back to normal. her bullies at school will finally see the real her. but Lara just finally saw the real her. She now knows that it doesn't what u look like on the outside, it's how u act in the inside.