• Aerosmith was formed & preformed their first concert.

    •Aerosmith comes together in Sunapee, New Hampshire, a summer resort.
    •Aerosmith perform their first concert at Nipmuc Regional High School in Mendon, MA.
  • Guitarist Ray Tabano leaves the band.

    •Guitarist Ray Tabano leaves the band to return years later as a member of the crew. Tabano is replaced by Brad Whitford who cut his eye-teeth in rock n' roll at age 16, playing with Teapot Dome, Earth, Inc. and Cymbals of Resistance.
  • Steven Tallarico changes his name to Steven Tyler.

  • Aerosmith lands a $125,000 deal with Columbia.

    Aerosmith lands a $125,000 deal with Columbia, following a show at New York's Max's Kansas City, when Clive Davis saw them play.
  • Aerosmith’s self-titled debut is released.

  • Aerosmith tour begins.

  • "Get Your Wings" is released.

  • Aerosmith appears on the popular late night show - "The Midnight Special".

  • Toys in the Attic Tour begins.

  • Aerosmith hits #36 with “Sweet Emotion”.

  • Aerosmith hits #21 with “Last Child”.

  • Aerosmith co-headline "California Jam II" with Ted Nugent.

    Aerosmith co-headline "California Jam II" with Ted Nugent, the biggest rock festival of the mid to late 70's, and are featured on the double album release of the concert.
  • The band bailed out 53 fans arrested for smoking pot at a show in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

  • Joe Perry and Steven Tyler are injured in Philadelphia when a fan tosses a cherry bomb onstage.

  • Joe Perry leaves Aerosmith.

    Joe Perry leaves Aerosmith.
    He is replaced by Jimmy Crespo.
  • Aerosmith’s ‘Greatest Hits’ collection is released.

    It remains their best-selling album to date, having sold 11 million copies.
  • Brad Whitford leaves Aerosmith.

    Brad Whitford leaves Aerosmith.
    He is replaced by Rick Dufay.
  • Done With Mirrors Tour begins.

  • Steven Tyler successfully completes a drug rehabilitation program.

  • “Dude (Looks Like a Lady)” becomes Aerosmith’s first Top Forty hit.

    “Dude (Looks Like a Lady)” becomes Aerosmith’s first Top Forty hit in nine years.
  • Aerosmith hits #3 with “Angel”.

  • Aerosmith appear on Saturday Night Live, hosted by Tom Hanks.

    They perform "Monkey on my Back" and "Janies Got a Gun". They also appear on the skit "Wayne's World" (recorded 02-17-90).
  • Added to Hollywood Walk of Fame.

  • Aerosmith appear on "The Simpsons".

    The episode "Flaming Moe's".
  • Aerosmith performs "Dream On" for the MTV10.

    MTV10 (10th Anniversary of MTV).
  • Aerosmith donated $10,000 to support a controversial art exhibition at M.I.T.

    The National Endowment for the Arts denied funding for the exhibit the week before, claiming some of the graphic images were offensive.
  • ‘Get a Grip,’ Aerosmith’s 11th studio album, debuts at #1.

    It goes on to sell 7 million copies in the U.S. and more than 10 million worldwide.
  • Appearance on the David Letterman Show.

  • Aerosmith changed manager & record label.

    They went back to their old label, Columbia records.
  • Preform on the MTV European Music Video Awards.

    (Pink, Falling in Love is Hard on the Knees).
  • European tour cancelled after Steven Tyler suffered a cruiciate knee ligament injury.

    USA dates in May/June 1998 and the European Tour 1998 were cancelled after Steven Tyler suffered a cruciate knee ligament injury after dropping the microphone stand on his knee during "Mama Kin" at Sullivan Arena Anchorage, AK.
  • "I don't want to miss a thing" becomes first #1 hit, for a full month.

    “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing,” from the soundtrack to the film Armageddon, becomes Aerosmith’s first #1 hit. It holds down the top spot for a full month
  • Aerosmith peform at the Super Bowl.

  • Steven Tyler performs the National Anthem at the Indianapolis 500.

    It receives some criticism for changing the words to the last line of the song.
  • Aerosmith perform for NFL kickoff live.

    Aerosmith perform "Back in the Saddle", "Walk This Way", and "Dream On".
  • Aerosmith appear in the movie "Be Cool".

  • Tyler receives Honorary Doctorate Degree from the University of Massachusetts.

    For his community activism.
  • Steven Tyler has throat surgery ending the Rockin the Joint Tour.

  • Steven Tyler and Joe Perry perform with the Boston Pops Orchestra.

  • Tom Hamilton undergoes treatment for throat cancer.

  • Aerosmith's World Tour begins.

  • Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Edition is released.

  • Aerosmith Donates Meet & Greet to Help Support the LGBT Community.

  • Steven Tyler Joins American Idol.

    Steven Tyler Joins American Idol.