The Mississippi Trial

  • Emmett Till Arrives

    Emmett Till Arrives
    Emmett Till arrives in Money Mississippi.
  • Hiram Arrives

    Hiram Arrives
    Hiram Hillburn arrives in Money Mississippi to visit his grampa.
  • R.C. Suffocates Emmett

    R.C. Suffocates Emmett
    R.C. Rydell suffocates Emmett Till with fishguts after Emmett asks for His and Hiram's leftovers.
  • The Wolf Whistle

    The Wolf Whistle
    Emmett Till alledgedly whistles at Carolyn Bryant in 'Bryant's Grocery'.
  • The Kidnap and Murder

    The Kidnap and Murder
    Roy Bryant (Carolyn's Husband), J.W. Milam (Roy's Half-Brother), an unidentified man, and an unidentified woman kidnap, beat, murder, and drown Emmett Till.
  • The Arrest

    J.W. Milam and Roy Bryant are arrested on kidnapping charges.
  • A Tip

    Hiram Hillburn calls Sheriff Smith with a tip. He thinks that the unidentified man is R.C. Rydell.
  • The Body

    Emmett’s Body is pulled from river.
  • A Trial is Ordered

    A trial for Milam and Bryant is ordered.
  • The Pictures

    The Pictures
    The photos of Emmett Till’s brutally beaten body are shot.
  • Indiction

    Milam and Bryant are indicted for kidnapping and murder.
  • The Trial Starts

    The trial starts in Sumner, Mississippi.
  • Testify

    Mose Wright, Emmett's uncle, testifies in court.
  • Acquitted

    J.W. Milam and Roy Bryant are acquitted.
  • The Truth

    Hiram Hillburn figures out that the unidentified man is his grampa, he does not tell anybody.