Chapter 17

  • Period: Feb 22, 1450 to

    chapter 17

  • May 22, 1543

    On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres

  • Starry Messenger

    new view of the universe
  • Discourse on Method

    emphasized the importance of his own mind he would only accept those things taht his reason said were true
  • Essay Concerning Human Understanding

    argued that every person was bron with a tabula rasa, or blank mind
  • Principia

    defines the three laws of motion
  • first news paper in london

    cheap and alos free in many coffe shops
  • British crown

    Hannover takes over british crown becasue queen anne dies. They had haard time getting us to the language because they are not from there so it was a challenge
  • Frederick Willian I

    He was very focused on the army fourth largest in the world at the time.many wealth landowners where officers in the army
  • Frederick the great (II)

    best educated and most cultured monarchs of his time. enlarged army, and kept strict watc over bureaucracy
  • Austrain throne?

    Maria theresa took over in 1740.she didnt like philosophers and called for a reform, she worked to improve the condition of the serfs
  • war of austrian succession

    lasted until 1748. Frederick the great took advantage of the new girl queen and took over
  • The Spirit of the Laws

    study of governments
  • Encylopedia

    1751-1772 they here written. changed the general way of thinking.
  • seven years war

    the french and india war. war last battle was 1760 french wanted to control verything and thoguht they where the best
  • Discourseon the Origins of the Inequality of Mankind

    Rousseau argued that people had adopted laws and govermnets in order to preserve thier private property
  • The social contract

    Rousseau says entire society agrees to be governed bu its generl will
  • Treatise on tolertion

    Voltaire in 1763 reminded governments tht all men are brothers under god
  • Vindication of the rights of Woman

    Mary says that some people say women must obey men but then men had to odey a king. she says they have equal rights
  • On Crimes and Punishment

    Cesare Beccaria said punishments should not be exercised in brutality. He did not believe in captial punishmnet
  • Stamp act

    tax on certain printed materials
  • first continental congres meets in Philadelphia

    take up arms and organize militis
  • The Welth of Nations

    Adam Smith believed that states should not interfere in economic mtters
  • treay of paris signed

    recognized the independnce of th american colonies