Invention of the T.V. (trenton s.)

  • Hennry-Faraday's Electromagnetism

    Joseph Hennrys and Michael Faraday's work in the field of electromagnetism opened the gates for electronic communication.
  • Pantelegraph

    Abbe Caselli invents the Pantlegraph and is the first person to transmit a still image over wires!!!
  • Sheldon Bidwell experiments

    Sheldon Bidwell experiments with telegraphy, which is another photophone.
  • Paul Nipkow

    Paul Nipkow developed a rotating disk technology to transmit pictures over wire in 1884 called the Nipkow disk.
  • The first color T.V

    The first coler T.V was invinted in 1953.The T.V was starting too commercials.At that time 10.5 millon black and white T.V was sold!!!
  • HD T.V

    Trenton Sundmaker is watching the new high definishon T.V.