The History of The Roll Film

  • Roll Film Invention Announced

    Roll Film Invention Announced
    George Eastman announced the invention of Photographic Film in Rolls
  • Kodak Company Was Born

    Kodak Company Was Born
    The Kodak was preloaded with 100 exposeures, it could be easily carried handheld. When it ran out of Exposeures the camera was sent back to Kodak Company in Rochester, New York. The film was developed, printed and the pictures were sent to back to the owner with the camera re-filled.
  • 1st Commercial Created for the Kodak Camera

    1st Commercial Created for the Kodak Camera
    The Commercial could not be made with out Thomas Edisons Motion Picture Camera
  • Instant Photography

    Instant Photography
    One of the largest patent suits involving photography was filed in the U.S. District Court of Massachusetts. brought an action against Kodak Corporation for infringement of 12 Polaroid patents relating to instant photography.
  • Polaroid

    After five years of vigorous pretrial activity and 75 days of trial, seven Polaroid patents were found to be valid and infringed. Kodak was out of the instant picture market leaving customers with useless cameras and no film. Kodak offered camera owners various compensation for their loss.