the 1960s

By afathi
  • presidents

    1. John F. Kennedy 1960
  • Period: to

    first day of 1960 to the last day of 1969

  • civle rights

    civil rights act passed in 1960 with John F. Kennedy as president.
  • mlk jr

    Martin Luther King, Jr. assassinated in 1968 in Memphis, TN
  • kennedy assassinated

    1963 Dallas, Taxes; Kennedy assassinated by lee Harvey aswall
  • mlk speech

    August 28, 1963, “I had a dream” speech / I had a dream that one day
  • president of 1964

    Linden Johnson was president of the us in 1964
  • the beatles

    the Beatles first appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show performing Can’t buy me love, she loves you, Yesterday
  • stones

    1. Rolling Stones in January 1965
  • malcolm x

    Malcolm Little, leader of a civil rights activist assassinated feb. 21, 1965
  • vietnam war

    the war was from 1965 to 1975, 550,000 troops
  • beach boys

    pet sounds is by the >beach boys
    in 1966
  • doors

    2 albums of the doors are light my fire, and the end singer Jim Morrison.
  • Appollo 11

    Neal Armstrong ,1967 with Appollo 11
  • 1967

    sgt. Peppers was released in 1967
  • presidents

    Richard Nixon 1968
  • zeppelin

    led zeppelin was formed in 1968 Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones they played rock ‘n’ role
  • 68

    janis choblen life was bad in1968
  • wood stock

    Wood Stock was held in 1969 at Bethel New York: Hendrix, Beatles, McDonald, Crosby, and Santana