Johnny Tremain

  • The Lyte Family Cup was Revealed

    The Lyte Family Cup was Revealed
    When Isannah is sick, Johnny takes Cilla and Isannah to the wharf and told Cilla about the Lyte family cup. While this happened, Isannah caught a little glimpse.
  • Mr.Lyte's Stolen Cup

    Mr.Lyte's Stolen Cup
    On this date Merchant Lyte's family cup was stolen, Merchant Lyte blamed Johnny for stealing the cup.
  • The Court House

    The Court House
    This was the date of the court trial between Johnny and Mr. Lyte. Mr. Lyte is trying to convince the judge that Johnny stole the Lyte family cup.
  • Joining Ships

    Joining Ships
    By this date, the two British ships, the Eleanor and the Dartmouth that had the crates of tea in them had finally joined together and docked themselves in the harbor.
  • The Beaver

    The Beaver
    Finally the ship from England arrives to the harbor of Boston.
  • Sea-of-Tea Tantrum

    Sea-of-Tea Tantrum
    On this date a tragic event happened. Johnny and many other people dressed up as Mohawk Indians and decided to cut the taxes. They secretly boarded three British boats. The men separated into three groups. They chopped open the crates of tea into the ocean.