Our Journey So Far

  • Y.B. THEATER 1996

    Eillenil gets coaxed into trying out for the High School Musical "Guys and Dolls", gets casted as Ms. Sarah Brown. Mark also is swindled into submission by various members of his Senior Class. They say "You'd make a Great Nicely Nicely Johnson". Not knowing who that person is... Mark tries out, gets the part and finds out...he's the fat guy who's always eating...go figure
  • Their first kiss

    He makes his first move. He kisses her while she studied over her Spanish textbook. Apparently, it was so good, she has yet to learn Spanish.
  • Mark asks to go steady "Saved by the Bell Style"

    After months of exclusively dating, Mark decides to make it official and ask Eillenil to go steady...maybe not in those exact words, but pretty darn close...and over the phone.
  • The Proposal

  • Got Engaged

    Mark proposed to Eillenil at A.P. stumps. They ate steak and went to watch Superman. Who's day is it really?
  • Finally Chose a Wedding Date

    Contacted the Mission and found suitable wedding dates. September 5, 2009 it is.
  • Reserved Reception Venue

    Met with the banquet Manager at La Pastaia at the De Anza Hotel. Her name is Marge. She was great and answered everything we threw at her. Confirmed Venue for a 6:00 pm dinner on September 5, 2009