Samuel Morse

  • Samuel Morse is Born

    Samuel Morse was born in Charlestown on April 27th 1791. The baby from Massechusetes was the son of Jedidiah Morse, who was a minister and a geographer.
  • Phillips Academy

    Morse enters Phillips Academy, which is in Massachusetts. At times he was the best student and at other times he was the worst.
  • Off to College

    Samuel Morse enters Yale College at age fourteen. He hears lectures on electricity from Benjamin Silliman and Jeremiah Day. While at Yale, he earns money by painting small portraits of friends, classmates, and teachers.
  • Wishful Thinking

    Samuel sent a letter to his parents that expressed his wishes to be a painter. His parents denied him and told him that he would have to become a booksellsers apprentice. Samuel did not complain but still painted at night every day. When his parents saw how much painting meant to him, they decided to help him.
  • To England

    Samuel set sail from New York to England. When he got their he sent a letter to his mother and expressed a wish that they could communicate instantly. HIs inventor was already coming out of him.
  • Period: to

    Important Paintings

    Samuel finished two very famous paintings which were named The Dying Hercules and The Judgement of Jupiter.
  • Art Studio

    Samuel returned to Boston and opened an art studio where he continued to work on his artwork, however he still had thoughts of quicker communication with people aroudn the globe.
  • Married

    In 1818 Samuel was married to to Lucretia Pickering. Soon after Samuel left for Washington. He tried many ways to make money including art. He invented a water pump and a marble cutter but neither idea was succesful. He slowly rose in the art world and became very succesful.
  • Death

    Lucretia died and Samuel bought a house in New York and after he made enough money, he decided to go to Europe.
  • Period: to

    While in England

    Samuel painted in many places and struggled to make money. His dreams of instant communication would soon come true.
  • Telegraph

    When Samuel sailed home. The passengers were talking about electricity. During the voyage Samuel invented the first telgraph. When he got home he told his brothers his idea and they thought it was very important.
  • Telegraph Demonstration

    In January, Morse demonstrates his recording telegraph to Dr. Leonard Gale, a professor of science at New York University.
  • The Dream becomes a reality

    For his assistance, the science professor becomes part owner of the telegraph rights.In September, Alfred Vail an acquaintance of Morse, witnesses a demonstration of the telegraph. Dr. Charles T. Jackson, Morse's acquaintance from the 1832 Sully voyage, now claims to be the inventor of the telegraph. Morse obtains statements from those present on the ship at the time, and they credit Morse with the invention. On September 28, Morse files a caveat for a patent for the telegraph.
  • The World Catches Wind

    On January 24, Morse demonstrates the telegraph to his friends in his university studio. On February 8, Morse demonstrates the telegraph before a scientific committee at Philadelphia's Franklin Institute. On February 21, Morse demonstrates the telegraph to President Martin Van Buren and his cabinet.
    (Note that by this time Samuel had dropped his carrier as an artist and was fully concentrated on the progress of the telegraph)
  • Period: to

    Samuel Kepy trying

    Morse repeatedly asked congress for funds and they always denied him. They though the request was useless and would not help their country.
  • Finally

    DemonstrationCongress finally decided to fund his wires to Baltimore Maryland and Washington. They had two months to lay the lines and everthing had to be made from scratch. They were orignally going to put the lines underground but when thay falied they placed them above ground. When they were done Morse sent the message What hath God wrought. It worked succesfully
  • Second Marriage

    Samule married Sarah Griswold and they had many children together
  • Across the Ocean

    By this time a telegraph line had just been laid succesfully across the atlantic ocean and the telegraph was becming extremely popular.
  • Dedication

    A statue of Samuel Morse was dedicated in New York's Central Park
  • Death of an Inventor

    Samuel F.B. Morse dies on April 2nd 1872