Media Evaluation Question 2.

  • 1.

    in my media product i have represented the youth.
  • 2.

    I have done this by representing two teenagers of different sex.
  • 3.

    this reinforces the dominant ideology of teenagers who are discovering their first love, and the way they feel about it.
    when growing up, this is a standrad procedure which takes place in the teen years, and it has been stereotyped/generalised by people of the older generation as first love.
  • 4.

    i haven't represented ethnic groups in my media product. But i have represented people and their hetrosexual orientation, but i haven't focused on any same sex relatonships.
  • 5.

    the messages that i have communicated about these groups are constructed in my product through Dress: the attire modern, which shows that it is a recent take on the teenage love story, and the girl is in typical girl like clothes, which are femimin and the oy is in normal boy clothes, which show masculinity. the location represnts a calm atmosphere which isn't busy and dosn't detract the attention away form the boy and the girl, which is what i wanted as i want the focus to be on them.
  • 6.

    i chose a simple classic font to go on my product as i wanted it to tie in with the theme. and i also got the inspiration by looking at other title sequences and related my font to what tey had used as it fitted in perfectly, and wasn't to bland but not to over the top.
  • 7.

    the age group that i focused on was teenagers whichranged from 13-19.
    i focused on this age group as i tought that the product i was making would appeal to the most as it was their own age group and that they would be able to relate to what is happening in the film, which makes it more understandable and easier to watch.