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Medieval History

By cook
  • 476

    Fall Of Rome

    Fall Of Rome
    The Fall of Rome sent the world into the 'Dark Ages' or Medieval times.
  • Period: 476 to Jan 1, 1500

    Medieval History

  • 570

    Birth Of Muhammed

    Birh Of Muhammad
  • Jan 1, 721

    Invention Of Distilled Alcohol

    Distilled Alcohol invented
  • Jan 1, 793

    The Viking Age

    The Viking Age
    The Viking Age is when the Vikings started to conquer Europe. Started with Battle of Lindesfarne and ended in 1066
  • Jan 1, 850

    Invention Of Metronome

    Metronome Invented
  • Jan 1, 904

    Invention Of Fire Arrow

    In 904 the fire arrow was invented in China.
  • Jan 1, 953

    Invention Of Fountain Pen

    In 953 the fountain Pen was invented in Egypt.
  • Jan 1, 1023

    Paper Money Invented

    In 1023 in China the first paper money note was printed
  • Jan 1, 1045

    Movable Type Printing Invented

    In 1045 the first moveable typewriter was invented in China.
  • Jan 1, 1050

    Invention Of Crossbow

    In 1050 the crossbow was invented in France
  • Jan 5, 1066

    Edward The Confessor Dies

    The Death Of Edward The Confessor
  • Jan 6, 1066

    Harold Godwinson Crowned King

    Harold Godwinson Crowned King
  • Oct 14, 1066

    Battle Of Hastings

    The day the Battle Of Hastings begun. the battle was between the Normans and the Saxons and was a battle for the crown between King Harold Godwinson and Duke William.
  • Dec 24, 1066

    William Crowned King

    King William was Crowned King after the battle of hastings when the Normans Defeated the Saxons
  • Jan 1, 1096

    First Crusade

    The First Crusade was an attempt to re-capture Jerusulem
  • Jan 1, 1100

    Arabic Numerals

    Arabic Numerals created
  • Jan 1, 1182

    Invention Of Magnetic Compass

    In 1182 The Magnetic Compass was invented
  • Jan 1, 1200

    Invention Of Clothing Buttons

    In 1200 buttons to be used on clothes were invented
  • Jan 1, 1206

    Ghengis Khan

    Birth Of Ghengis Kahn
  • Jan 1, 1249

    Invention Of Gunpowder

    Rodger Bacon invented his gunpowder formula
  • Jan 1, 1250

    Invention Of Gun

    In 1250 the gun was invented in China.
  • Jan 1, 1268

    Invention Of Eyeglasses

    In 1268-1289 eyeglasses were invented.
  • Jan 1, 1280

    Mechanical Clock Invented

    In 1280 the clock was invented.
  • Jan 1, 1347

    The Black Plague

    The Black Plague
    The Black Plague or sometimes known as The Black Death started in 1347 and ended in 1351. it was desiese in which you would grow black lumps all over your body. The Black Plague would kill you in 7-10 days.
  • Jan 1, 1348


    Quantine was first introduced in Venice during the Black Plague. if you were trading by boat you were made to wait out of Venice for 2 + weeks since by 2 + weeks if you had the Plague you would have been killed. If you are not infected you were alowwed into Venice to trade. If you tried to come into Venice without permission your boat would be shot with cannons and you would be killed anyway
  • Jan 1, 1411

    Invention Of Trigger

    Trigger Invented
  • Jan 1, 1412

    Birth Of Joan Of Ark

  • Jun 28, 1491

    Birth Of Henry The IIIV

    Birth Of Henry The IIIV
    Henry the eigth was born on June 28 1491 he was famous for Beheading his wives when they didnt bore him a sun... also for being the King Of England
  • Jan 1, 1500

    Start Of Renaissance