• Clincal Breast Exams

    help find breast cancer and should begin screenings at age 20
  • Self Examination of Breasts

    self examinations of the breasts will help find breast cancer as early as possible and should began screenings at age 20
  • Pap Tests

    this test helps prevent Cervical Cancer and should be done around age 21
  • Mammogram

    Screening should be done at age 40 once a year
  • Colon Screenings to find Cancer

    Yearly fecal occult blood test
    Yearly fecal immunochemical test every year
    Stool DNA test (sDNA), interval uncertain
  • Colon Screenings to find polyps and cancer

    this screening should be done starting around age 50 and will help prevent Colon Cancer Colonoscopies: every 10 years
    Flexible Sigmoidscopies: every 5 years
    •CT colonography (virtual colonoscopy): every 5 years