sony erricson

  • the birth of the hero

    in May 5 1846 lars magnus ericson was born. Lars Magnus was born in Värmskog, Värmland and grew up in the small village of Vegerbol,
  • erricson is founded

    erricson is founded
    Founded in 1876 as a telegraph equipment repair shop by Lars Magnus Ericsson, it was incorporated on August 18, 1918
  • the new owner

    It was not until they started cooperating with Henrik Tore Cedergren in 1883 that the company would start to grow into the Ericsson corporation as we know it today
  • the free medical care

    and from 1891, Ericsson offered all members of the plan and their families free medical care.
  • retirement of Lars Magnus Ericsson

    In the year 1900 Lars Magnus retired from Ericsson at the age of 54
  • he sold his shares.

    He kept his shares in the company until 1905 and then sold them all.
  • The world's largest ever manual telephone.

    The world's largest ever manual telephone exchange, serving 60,000 lines, was installed by Ericsson in Moscow in 1916.
  • death of the hero

    December 17, 1926 lars magnus ericson lost his life.
  • no money left

    He stood to make a profit of $11 million on the deal. When ITT's Behn wanted to cancel this deal in 1932, he discovered that there was no money left in the company, just a large claim on the same Kreuger & Toll that Kreuger had himself lent money to.
  • the Wallenberg family buys Ericsson

    In 1960 the Wallenberg family struck a deal with ITT to buy its shares in Ericsson, and has since controlled the company.
  • power devison begins

    Ericsson Power Division begins research into high frequency switching DC/DC converters.
  • The modules

    The modules
    Power Modules operation established within Ericsson.
  • World's first high frequency switch

     World's first high frequency switch
    World's first high frequency switching DC/DC power modules launched.
  • the first erricson

    the first erricson
    Ericsson produces the first mobile phone for the NMT network
  • power supply starts.

    power supply starts.
    Development of first true component power supply starts.
  • DC/DC converter launched.

    DC/DC converter launched.
    First miniaturized DC/DC converter launched.
  • Joint venture established in Shanghai, China

    Joint venture established in Shanghai, China – Shanghai Ericsson Simtec Electronics Company Ltd. First >90% efficient DC/DC converter.
  • heavy loss

    Ericsson suffered heavy losses after the telecommunications crash in the early 2000s, and had to fire tens of thousands of staff worldwide.
  • the flames

    the flames
    A fire at the Philips factory contaminated the sterile facility. Philips assured Ericsson and Nokia (their other major customer) that production would be delayed for no more than a week.
  • The establisment

    The establisment
    Sony Ericsson established
  • Success

    Company sees success with release of Sony Ericsson T610 – colour screen, built-in camera, Bluetooth abilities, available in 3 colours
  • The walk man

    Releases first Walkman branded phone – P900 – storing up to 2GB of music
  • cyder shot

    Releases first Cyber-shot branded phones – K790 and K800 – high-quality 3.2MP and Xenon flash
    Sony Ericsson has a record year for new mobile phone accounts
  • sony erricson host tennis

    Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications hosts tennis tournament – 2007 Sony Ericsson Open
  • The smart phone

    Introduces its eco-friendly phone, the Elm – a GreenHeart smartphone with 5MP camera and Facebook and Twitter integration