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Cameras & Film Over Time

  • Camera Invented

    Charles and Vincent Chevalier from Paris, built the first camera
  • Camera Obsucra

    Camera Obsucra
    Joseph Nicephore takes the first photograph with a camera obsucra
  • Permanent Photos

    William Fox Talbot produces early permanent photos
  • Positive/Negative

    William Talbot invents positive/negative process
  • Glass Negative

    John Herschel makes the first glass negative
  • Rotating Camera

    Disderi introudces a rotating camera
  • Celluoid Film

    Celluoid film is introduced
  • Box Camera

    Box Camera
    No 1 Box camera is mass marketed by Kodak
  • Kinetoscopic

    Thomas Edison patents the Kinetoscopic camera
  • Folding Pocket

    Folding Pocket
    Kodack introduce Folding Pocked Kodak
  • Brownie

    Kodak introduce their first brownie
  • 120 Film

    Kodak introuce 120 film
  • Kodachrome

    Multi-layered reversal colour film
  • Lens Reflex Camera

    Lens Reflex Camera
    First single Lens reflex camera
  • Kodacolour

    Kodak's first print film
  • Hasselblad

    Hasselblad camera is introduced
  • Polaroid

    Land introduces first polaroid instant image camera
  • SLR

    First Asahi Pentax SLR introduced
  • Nikon

    Nikon F introduced
  • Automatic Camera

    Automatic Camera
    AGFA introduces the first fully automatic camera
  • Instamatic

    Kodack introduces the first Instamatic camera
  • Pentax Spotmatic SLR

    First Pentaz Spotmatic SLR introduced
  • Digital

    Steven Sasson invents the digital camera
  • Sony

    Sony introduces first commercial electronic camera
  • Professional

    Kodak releases their first professional camera