Timeline of New Zealand-Cheesyboom22

  • Jan 1, 1150

    The Toi

    According to Maori tradition the Toi come to NZ and settle in Whatonga
  • Jan 1, 1350

    Fleet of canoes

    Maori tradition says that a fleet of canoes come from Hawaiki to N.Z
  • Able Tasman

    A dutch explorer visited New Zeland. he is the first European to rediscover it.
  • Captain James Cook

    An Englishmen named James Cook visited NZ. A few New Zealanders come and settle in NZ.
  • Treaty of Waitangi

    Teaty of Waitangi is made in Waitangi to make peace between the European and the Maori. A lot of Europeans, especially English come and settle in NZ.
  • Immagration Control

    Goverment makes immagrationActs to control the movent for the large number of people who wish to live NZ
  • Imagratoin Acts change

    immagration is a hot socail control. This causes changes in the immagration acts.
  • Maui

    Accoring to Maori tradition Maui fishes up New Zeland, the north island the fish and the south island his canoe
  • Kupe

    According to Maori tradition Kupe a maori explorer rediscover N.Z He describes it as a land with lots of birds but no people
  • Period: to