american involvement pre ww2

  • Hemispheric Defense Zone

    Hemispheric Defense Zone
    the Department of State had begun to plan the strengthening of what Assistant Secretary Adolf A. Berle termed "the north-south axis."8 To the north, the way toward closer ties had already been prepared by meetings between the President and Canadian Prime Minister William La Mackenzie King and by informal military staff talks at the beginning of 1938.9 To the south, the United States availed itself of the general Pan-American conference that had already been scheduled to meet in Lima, Peru, in
  • cash and carry

    cash and carry
    policy on arms sales to foreign governments followed by the United States in World War II during its period of neutrality before the adoption of the Lend-Lease program.
  • Destroyers For Bases

    Destroyers For Bases
    President Franklin D. Roosevelt announced that he was transferring fifty destroyers of World War I vintage to England—already at war with Germany—in exchange for ninety‐nine‐year leases to seven British air and naval bases in the western hemisphere (Newfoundland Read more:
  • Lend-Lease Act

    Lend-Lease Act
    Lend-Lease was a program of the United States Federal government during World War II which enabled the United States to provide the Allied nations with war material while the US was still officially a neutral country. Read more:
  • Atlantic Charter

    Atlantic Charter
    The Atlantic Charter was an agreement between the United States of America and Great Britain that established the vision of Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill for a post-World War II world.