American Industrial Revolution Era Project

  • Spinning Jenny

    Spinning Jenny
    Inventor: James Hargreaves
    Year: 1764
    Description: Machenes used to weave cloth together to make clothing.
    Importance: Increased clothing production and the need for cotton.
  • Steam Engine

    Steam Engine
    Inventor: James Watt
    Year: 1769
    Description: Engine powered by steam from boiling water.
    Importance: Used in boats and trains for transportation, and mills to power looms.
  • Thresher

    Inventor: Andrew Meikle
    Year: 1778
    Description: Seperates grains from the stalk.
    Importance: Increased production in agricultural industry & farming trade.
  • Factory system

    Factory system
    Inventor: Samuel Slater
    Year: 1790
    Description: Hundreds of people work in one place manufacturing products.
    Importance: People move to the city, work by the clock, and earn a wage.
  • Cotton Gin

    Cotton Gin
    Inventor: Eli Whitney
    Year: 1793
    Description: Seperated seeds from cotton.
    Importance: Increased the demand for cotton, which increased the demand for slaves.
  • Interchangeable Parts

    Interchangeable Parts
    Inventor: Eli Whitney
    Year: 1801
    Description: Replacement of exact specifications. Parts that are exactly alike.
    Importance: Production became faster. Repairs became easier & cheeper. And there was a decreased need for skilled labor.
  • Steamboat

    Inventor: Robert Fulton
    Year: 1807
    Description: Boats powered by steam engines, rather than water wheels.
    Importance: Transportation became easier & faster and cities such as St. Louis developed. Aided in Westward expansion.
  • National Raad

    National Raad
    Inventor: Albert Gallatin
    Year: 1815
    Description: Road built from Maryland to Illinois
    Importance: Easier route through the Appalachian Mountains
  • Erie Canal

    Erie Canal
    Inventor: John Calhoun
    Year: 1825
    Description: Waterway linked New York City with Buffalo.
    Importance: Opened up Ohio for transportation of farm products and development. Westward expansion was made easier.
  • Mechanical Reaper

    Mechanical Reaper
    Inventor: Cyrus McCormick
    Year: 1834
    Description: Cut ripe grains.
    Importance: Made production /24/ times faster.
  • Steel Plow

    Steel Plow
    Inventor: John Deere
    Year: 1836
    Description: Did not break or dull in the hard, clay soil.
    Importance: Increased production and settlers expanded west.
  • Telegraph

    Inventor: Samuel Moorse
    Year: 1837
    Description: Improved communication, making it faster.
    Importance: Connected the regions of the country together.