Dalia's Timeline

  • Dalia's birth

    Dalia's birth
    I needed a nap after all the work it took to come out into this World!
  • Dalia's first Birthday

    Dalia's first Birthday
    I really do not like this look. My hair just isn't working for me.
  • Dalia 2nd birthday

    Dalia 2nd birthday
    My second birthday. I wore pony-tails bsck then. However, one thing hasn't changed ..... I keep smiling!!!!
  • Dalia's first day of pre-school

    Dalia's first day of pre-school
    This is my first day of becomimg really smart. I still have a long way to go
  • Dalia's first cruise

    Dalia's first cruise
    Bahamas her I come! the family had a great time on my first cruise. I really want to go on another cruise soon!
  • Dalia's 3rd Birthday

    Dalia's 3rd Birthday
    This is when I had long flowing hair then I decided to cut it to my new style! Short and sassey!!!!!
  • Halloween

    A gorgeous butterfly blooming from the sky and find my nector.
  • Mother's day at pre-school

    Mother's day at pre-school
    Making mom a special card
  • Dalia's 4th Birthday

    Dalia's 4th Birthday
    My brithday was great and I received a lot of great gifts from friends and family.
  • Dalia's fifth Birthday

    Dalia's fifth Birthday
    A great fifth birthday with all my friends at Sweet and Sassy. We got all made up and pretty. Than we performed an incredible fashion show for the crowd.
  • Dalia's 6th birthday

    Dalia's 6th birthday
    The cake looks nothing like me.... maybe a bit like my dad!!
  • Field trip

    Field trip
    To the jax zoo with my first grade class . I enjoyed seeing all the animals. My favorite was penguins swimming over us.
  • Dalia's 7th birthday

    Dalia's 7th birthday
    Last year I had a great birthday. Here we are celebrating in my class. I realy enjoyed sharing my special day with my classmates.