Kai's Birthday Timeline Febuary 1, 2011

  • My first birthday

    My first birthday
  • My brother is born

    I went to the hospital. I was too young to rember the day.
  • 2nd birthday

    2nd birthday
    This was the first year I started going to our annual family vacation at the beach. I love the beach!
  • 3rd birthday

    3rd birthday
  • 4th birthday

    4th birthday
  • At the beach

    At the beach
    This is the first day I learned how to surf. It was fun!
  • 5th birthday

    5th birthday
    I celebrated my birthday with my family. We went bowling.
  • VPK Graduation

    VPK Graduation
    I finished preschool on this day. My entire family was there.
  • 6th birthday

    6th birthday
  • Halloween

    My brother and I had matching costumes for Halloween. I like to trick or treat for candy.
  • 7th birthday

    7th birthday
    This was the first year I had a birthday party with friends. I usually only celebrate it with family.
  • Thanksgiving

    This is the first year that any family member was sick on a holiday. My brother was sick in bed on Thanksgiving Day.