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washinton state history

  • • George Washington

    born in 1732, became our first president in 1789 and our state was named after him
  • George Washington

    -(1779 –April 5, 1863) was one of the first American settlers and the first black settler in what would later become the U.S. state of Washington
  • • Lewis and Clark Expedition

    1804–1806, In order to make a firm claim of “discovery” to the Pacific Northwest and compete with the British for control of land and the fur trade, Jefferson had the men follow the rivers, map them, and collect scientific data, and They established diplomatic relations and trade with at least two dozen indigenous nations.
  • Treaty of Oregon

    The Oregon Treaty is a treaty between the United Kingdom and the United States that was signed on June 15, 1846, in Washington, D.C. The treaty brought an end to the Oregon boundary dispute by settling competing American and British claims to the Oregon Country, which had been jointly occupied by both Britain and the U.S. since the Treaty of 1818.
  • Oregon Trail

    an emigrant party crossed the Umatilla here and opened the Columbia Plateau Route of the Oregon Trail, which became the primary route of the trail. It was a main route to the Pacific Northwest
  • Whitman Massacre

    the murder in the Oregon Country on November 29, 1847 of U.S. missionaries Dr. Marcus Whitman and his wife Narcissa Whitman, along with eleven others. They were killed by Cayuse and Umatilla Indians.
  • Native American Migration

    The conflicts over the possession of land between the Indians and the 'American' settlers led the Americans in 1855, by the 'treaties' at the Walla Walla Council , to coerce not only the Cayuse, but also the Walla Walla and the Umatilla tribes, to the Umatilla Indian Reservation in northeastern Oregon; fourteen other tribal groups to the Yakama Indian Reservation in southern Washington State; and the Nez Perce to a reservation in the border region of Washington

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  • • William Boeing

    born in 1881, founded The Boeing Company in 1917. Boeing is a large airplane manufacturer, it employs lots of people.
  • great seattle fire

    destroyed the entire central business district of Seattle, Washington, USA
  • Klondike Gold Rush

    sometimes referred to as the Yukon gold rush, was a frenzy of gold rush immigration to and for gold prospecting, along the Klondike River near Dawson City, Yukon, Canada after gold was discovered there in the late 19th century. In total, about 12.5 million ounces of gold (about 390 tonnes) have been taken from the Klondike area in the century since its discovery
  • Grand Coulee Dam

    Grand Coulee Dam is a gravity dam on the Columbia River in the U.S. state of Washington with the primary purposes of hydroelectric power production and irrigation. It was constructed between 1933 and 1942 with the 'Third Power plant' built by 1974. It is the largest electric power-producing facility in the United States and one of the largest concrete structures in the world.It provides a great deal of power to our region and destroyed ancestral fishing grounds
  • • Bill Gates/Microsoft

    Born on Oct. 28, 1955, began Microsoft in 1975, a very large employer in our area. Does a lot of charity work.