Colour run results

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    Mr Willoughby's Colour Run Results

  • First colour run of the year.

    It was harder than i remember. I had to walk part of the way. I managed to do 6 laps in 12 minutes. This means it took me 2 minutes per lap, maybe I am unfit?
  • Colour Run

    I am getting better. This time I ran 7 1/2 laps in 12minutes. I am still walking part of the way.
  • Colour Run

    Very cold today. I only ran 6 laps. I felt lazy.
  • Final colour run

    Final colour run
    I have made a huge improvement with my running. I can run around in circles for 12 minutes without stopping. I amazed myself by completing 11 laps in 12 minutes. Have a look at my photo